July Wrap Up 2016


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How the h3l! is July over already? This is not ok! The summer is going by waayyy too fast. I do want to go back to college, but at the same time I don’t. Homework, quizzes, and exams really tend to stress me out. At the same time, I love learning. I have also finally chosen my major and I’m excited to start on my new career journey.

Ok, rant over.

July was a good month for books; I had a bunch of coupons and decided to go crazy. I bought 11 books this month and I have only read 1 of them. I am saving most of the rest of this TBR for the #ReadThemAllThon challenge in August-September, hosted by Aentee at Read at Midnight. See my sign up blog post here. This will be my first ever book TBR challenge!

Here are the eleven books I got:

Otherwise, July was awesome. My summer classes were over so I got to chill and read books. (Any book nerd’s dream.) I got to see my family and friends as well, which was a definite plus.

I also participated in my first Twitter chats. I joined the #bookhunt and #MTN17 both hosted by Rachel at @yaperfectionist and A Perfection Called Books. {The #bookhunt inspired this post about 8 authors perfect for summer reading.} They went fast and were hard to keep up with on my phone, but I had so much FUN. I met so many new, great people, bloggers and authors alike. I have added a bunch of new and upcoming books to my TBR. I will honestly go broke in 2017 with all of the new talented novels breaking the surface. I had better start saving now!


Image in Graphic: Junik Studio


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