Book Problems for People with Long Hair

1. Hair in Books

When you have long hair, you find in everywhere…and i do mean EVERYWHERE! This problem is similar to how you find hair in your food. Eww! Strands of hair can get trapped between the pages of a book. They can be found in any or all crevices, including under the removable hard copy book covers. Blech!




2. Windy Day = Can’t Read

You’re so busy trying to control your hair that you have no time to read. With so much hair in your face, it’s impossible to see the words on the page. If you try to keep calm and carry on reading, you end up with hair in your mouth. Pfftt!

@SummerBreak summer hair wind break


3. Have to Hold Back Hair

Think about how you sit when you are taking a test. Most people have to hold back their long hair with one hand or constantly tuck strands back behind their ear. This applies to books as well. When reading in certain positions, your hair will get in the way at least once. Deal with it, pull it back, or chop it off.


4. Use Hair Tie as Bookmark

If you love your books, you usually dread to dog ear the pages. When down to your last option, you can use your hair tie as a bookmark. This, however, leaves your tresses untamed. Let’s hope you are having a good hair day.

Feeling creative? Check out these cute 8 DIY bookmarks.


5. Hidden

Long hair can create a curtain. This curtain can shield/hide you from the world. It stops penetrating gazes and curious, buzzing bugs. However, while it can protect, it can also hinder. That curtain of hair blocks the interested stares from cute boys/girls. It makes you seem unapproachable, dissuading potential friends or significant others. If you have short hair and still relate to this, then you suffer a common bookworm problem: you are so absorbed in the book that you are oblivious to the real world.


6. Wearing Wigs = Hard

Most people don’t want to cut and/or dye their long locks to match their favorite character (unless looking for change and/or super dedicated). The other option: wigs. Many people take part in cosplay and halloween outfits. It is normal for bookworms to model after their favorite book character. We all love the alternate worlds so much, that we can’t wait to take part in them. However, with long hair, wigs are hard to deal with. They don’t always sit right, they are itchy, etc.


7. Actor Portrayals

This is not a personal problem, but a pet peeve that I’m sure applies to others as well. When books are adapted into tv or movie, sometimes the actors’/actresses’ eyebrows don’t match, they have the wrong color hair and/or hair length, etc. This isn’t the biggest thing in the world, but it does bother me sometimes. I mean, I do understand. I don’t expect movie stars to change their hair just to fit a role…but sometimes, it just looks plain weird. I hate to bash some of my favs, but:









Have another bookish long hair problem? Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Book Problems for People with Long Hair

  1. Nikita @The utter and complete bookworm says:

    omg so relatable! I especially hate when you’re reading outside and then the wind whips your hair in hair.


    • Jessica @ Pore Over the Pages says:

      I know! I love my long hair but sometimes it can be a pain.
      I found so many articles about “problems with long hair,” but I never found anything specific to books. I think this post is unique in that way. It is a realistic and funny relation between my love for books and my everyday struggle with my long locks.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl says:

    This is so witty! I’m literally giggling after reading this. I found it problematic at times when I cannot read outside because the wind is against me. And now, I also found someone who is irked by some actor wigs! I thought I was the only one. This is definitely a unique post. Great job!


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