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I recently finished watching Stranger Things, a Netflix original. I finished the 8 episodes in 1 day. (I binge watched till 2 in the morning. Oops.) Then I found this Stranger Things Book Tag by Nisha @ A Running Commentary on Twitter: @aruncommentary.

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the vanishing of will byers

[the first book in a series that left you intrigued and slightly confused]

The first book that came to mind was Proxy by Alex London, since I have recently finished this book. The world in this novel is a futuristic US, with Big Brother-like technology. The dystopian setting is interesting, where no one belongs to themselves and there is betrayal even amongst the rich and powerful. The jargon and political system isn’t fully explained, and it is up to the reader to determine meaning, which left me thoroughly confused.


the upside down

[a book with a setting you would never want to live in]

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. This novel isn’t YA or fantasy, which is my usual MO. I read this book in high school for my historical criticism essay. I would never want to take the place of the main characters, Mariam and Laila. They live in post 9/11 Afghanistan in a constant state of terror. They survive through bombings, betrayal, loneliness, abuse, horrible conditions, etc. This book made me grateful for where I live and whom I live with.



[a book you own that is somewhat damaged, but loved to pieces]

My Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling has seen better days. They are certainly worn around the edges, due to constant use by myself and my family. We all love Harry Potter to pieces, literally.


mike, lucas, and dustin

[a trilogy you always go to whenever you need a pick-me-up]

The first series that I thought of wasn’t a trilogy. So, my next picks would be the Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare or the Perfect Chemistry Trilogy. I love both of these series and can always go back to them.


the demogorgon

[a book with a terrifying beast you wouldn’t want to face in a dark alley]

After reading This Savage Song (review) not too long ago, the monsters in Schwab’s book gave me the chills. The most frightening: Malchai.

“These skeletal figures are vaguely human in conduct and appearance, save for the dark bones beneath their translucent skin, and their ember red eyes. […T]he Malchai are solitary, independent predators that feed on blood. They are weakened by sunlight, but still capable of moving in it.” {Description from EpicReads Quiz}


dr. brenner

[a book with a villain who is both manipulative and dedicated]

SEBASTIAN! Sebastian from the Mortal Instruments Series is so crazy, determined, freaky, and manipulative. He is a villain I love to hate.


nancy wheeler

[a book you didn’t expect to love]

And I Darken (review) by Kiersten White is a YA, fantasy, historical fiction. I’m not one for history, at all; it is my least favorite subject. I also don’t favor character driven books. This novel was both historical and character driven. BUT, I loved it (5/5 stars, to be exact)! Lada, Radu, and Mehmed are all so complex and captivating. They all break the mold, especially the fierce feminine representation of Vlad the Impaler.


hawkins, indiana

[a book with a setting that’s just a little bit strange]

The Chemical Garden Series by Lauren DeStefano has a chilling setting. This YA dystopian features a future where bioengineering has cured and destroyed. The treatment of women in this book is chilling. The plot, environment, etc. is weird and strangely imagined.



Tag, you’re it! I tried to find others whom have seen Stranger Things like myself. If you have already done this tag, ignore this. If you haven’t seen the series or simply don’t want to participate, that’s OK too. If you complete this because of my tag, connect me to your post! Have fun!

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