Which Cover Wednesday

Which Cover Wednesday.png

Which Cover Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sumaya @ Sue’s Reading Corner where participants show different covers of the same book and decide which one they like best.

And I Darken: UK vs US


I prefer the US version. I think the UK cover is fierce and represents Lada’s spirit very well. However, the the face on the cover does not match how I personally picture ugly Lada. On the other hand, the US cover is more simple. It also reminds me of the contrast between Lada and Radu.


Now I Rise: UK vs US


US cover wins again! The face in the UK cover is creepy. I also prefer the color scheme for the US cover, with the lighter green.


Which covers would you choose?


8 thoughts on “Which Cover Wednesday

  1. lacyliteracy says:

    The US editions for sure!! I love that the color palettes have one bright color and a dark background. Also, I’m not too big on covers with actual pictures of people on them so the UK editions didn’t really stand a chance.


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