Which Cover Wednesday


Some of you may or may not have even noticed I was gone. Either way, I took an unannounced, five month blogging hiatus—which ends today. I couldn’t stay away from the book community for too long. I missed my blog and I missed writing posts and I missed learning about new book releases and I missed interacting with all of you wonderful people!

Which Cover Wednesday

Which Cover Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sumaya @ Sue’s Reading Corner where participants show different covers of the same book and decide which one they like best.

The first cover in this trio in the old Kindle edition. I feel this design is maybe too dark for this book. Yes, Dessen does cover some deeper topics, but this is also a YA book about friendship and taking risks. And, to be honest, I’m not even sure what this cover is depicting? Is is a wintery forest? Is that a flower heart? Who knows? The main advantage is that this is the only book that emphasizes the title in addition to Dessen’s name.

The second book in the collection is cute. I adore the use of color and the focus on the flower. I’m not always partial to humans/human figures on book covers, but this one works fine for me. I like the petite orientation of the title and the overall simplicity of the design.

The last cover in this “list” is the paperback version I own, a reprint by Speak. Turquoise is my favorite color, so this cover has that going for it. What I love most about this cover is the wishbone attached to the bracelet, referencing Wish Catering; it’s almost like an inside joke or remembrance.

My ranking:

  1. flower cover
  2. bracelet cover
  3. heart cover

Here is my review for The Truth About Forever.


How would you rank these covers?


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