Organize Your Bookshelf

Are you redecorating? Do you need a change in your book nook? One way to alter your room’s appearance is to (re)organize your bookshelf. There are many ways to do this and I list several options below. Follow these steps to begin this project.


The first way, and one of the most popular, is to organize your bookshelf by color. Books are just as vibrant as the world around us, so reflect your personality with color. There are three main options, but you can organize the colors in whatever fashion you desire.


Embrace your LGBTQIA pride, taste the rainbow with skittles, or “use your imagination” with Spongebob. Create a flow of books in order from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and white. For other colors, use your own judgement and fit them within ROY-G-BIV. Colors vary, so use a color gradient from dark to light, or vice-versa.

Color Block

Keep it simple. Take all the books of one color and place them within a single space. This is  pretty straightforward, so go color coordinate.


Feeling patriotic? Epic reads made an American flag out of books for the fourth of july. If you have a certain passion and can paint a picture with books, then get creative.










All books vary in size and shape. If you like balance and symmetry, organize your books based on their height. Have the all even out, make a ladder, or some version of a pyramid…the choice is yours.





Keep it simple. Less is more. Gather a few books and trinkets that match your decor. Stylistically place them on your bookshelf and leave a lot of open space. If you have a ton of books and a little shelf space, this may not be the most practical option.



If you are a pack rat, this is the choice for you. Stuff your bookshelf with as many books a possible. Coupled with an abundance of accessories, your shelf will be filled to the max, earning the maximalist name. Don’t leave any space untouched.


Another fashion in which to organize your books is in alphabetical order. From A to Z, and maybe even some numbers too. You can alphabetize by book titles or book authors.



This is an extreme version of organizing books. You would have to research the release dates of all of your books and then list them accordingly.



If you want to know where to go when you have a specific book craving, sort your books by genre. Make your own groupings, specific to your reading habits, or stick with the original published types. Start with fiction and nonfiction and make your way from there. There are many categories, some including mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical, and so many more.



Keeping books that belong with one another together, if my personal favorite way to organize books. Keep the trilogies, chronicles, sequels, and series next to one another. If the covers follow the same pattern and the sizes are similar, it makes the ultimate match. It can look very amazing on your bookshelf, and alert you to missing books in your collection while giving you satisfaction on completing each group.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

Up, down, left, right. Books can either be laid down or set upright. Stacked side-by-side or up-and down, you can display the colorful spines in either fashion.








We all have the TBR: To Be Read pile somewhere. If you have a stack sitting next to your reading chair then turn it into a “table.” If you have too many books to count then place them in a section. This TBR shelf space can be your go-to when you are looking for your next read. If you run out of space, maybe it will restrain you from buying more books. I know I can’t be the only book nerd who can’t control herself when it comes to her books. (




Signed copies can hold a special meaning in our hearts. Having the author’s signature makes the books more valuable in a reader’s eyes. If signed books hold importance in your view, maybe you should create a shelf to honor their significance.


His vs. Hers

If you live with a friend, family member, or significant other, you could consider putting your books in place based on who owns the novels. You and your roommate may have different opinions on which books they favor. Separate your collections. You will know which books are yours, but you could access all of the books in one space (with the other person’s permission, of course).



If your household contains a range of ages, you should organize your books by generation. If there are little ones in the house, but their children’s books on the lower shelves. Try using labels and teach them information along the way. With middle schoolers and some high schoolers, you may not want the to read explicit material. Similar to how you hide rated R movies and use parental controls on television, camouflage or create a secret section for your adult books.

I got some of my ideas from Apartment Therapy, Home Storage Solutions and Stylist.


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